Our People/Team


CEO – Michael Johnson

Michael is a 30-year veteran of creating and developing value and relationships for organizations and individuals. He has helped shepherd both large and small businesses toward vastly increased productivity, profitability, valuation, and a handful to transactions.

Before creating Prophity, Michael has served as a CEO and COO numerous times as well as an Executive Management and Operations coach. He has worked with corporate giants like Eli Lilly, HCA, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Websense/Raytheon, and CMGi. Michael led three of his own entities to liquidity events and assisted numerous others. His passion is for helping businesses refine and realize their vision, and for moving faster toward their goals.

He is also the author of several books and publications on business, science, fly-fishing, and life, and is co-owner of a handful of patents in science and technology.

VP, Operations –

I have never met anyone more devoted to doing a good job and providing value regardless of the circumstances.



His enthusiasm is so infectious, I cannot imagine undertaking the effort of starting a technical company without him.  Working with him through the process of innovation is a constant delight.

CFO – Scott Sporrer

In a relatively short (compared to the rest of us) career, Scott has amassed more pertinent experience than anyone I’ve ever met in the FP&A field.  From forensic financial analysis to strategic financial planning, Scott is never at a loss for describing ways of solving problems with empirical proof of efficacy.

Scott also takes the best vacations of anyone I’ve met.

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